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Add to Your Style Guide Annotation Text: A New Anchor Text Approach

Running a Style Guide One thing I’ve run across and have recommended in the past has been the use of a style guide. I first heard the concept at a University that I was doing SEO for....

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Authentic Adaptability: Channel your Inner Chameleon

Posted @ Feb 21 2019 by

What does authentic adaptability mean? How can we, as project managers (PMs), ensure that we can be as authentic...

How The Office taught us everything we need to know about content marketing

Posted @ Feb 19 2019 by

Believe it or not, there are a lot of similarities between television production and content marketing. Both rely on...

Google Shows Us How It Uses Entity Extractions for Knowledge Graphs

Posted @ Feb 14 2019 by

Google May use entity extractions, entity classes, entity properties, and Association Scores from Pages to Build Knowledge Graphs When...

3 (Free) Ways to Amplify Your Content Using Social Media

Posted @ Feb 12 2019 by

The power of social media is truly remarkable. In recent months, we’ve seen a young boy yodeling in a...

Does Google Use Schema to Write Answer Passages for Featured Snippets?

Posted @ Jan 24 2019 by

There hasn’t been an answer to this question about featured snippets until now, with the granting of a patent...

5 Functions of Excel/Sheets That Every Professional Should Know

Posted @ Jan 23 2019 by

I first used Microsoft Excel as a teenager, fumbling through receipts as I tried to organize numbers into a...

Five Steps for Identifying Thin Content

Posted @ Jan 14 2019 by

There is a lot to juggle when addressing the SEO of a website. If you’re a marketing manager, you’ve...

Reranking Content Based on Content from an Original Author

Posted @ Dec 10 2018 by

A Poll I Ran on Twitter About Rankings of Content I ran a poll on Twitter, asking if an...

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